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п»їHow to Bet the 2020 US Presidential Elections.
Betting the 2020 US Presidential Election.
How about turning that knowledge into money and wagering a few bucks on your winning candidate, be it Republican President Donald Trump or Democratic Party challenger Joe Biden? If you’ve thought about wagering on the election but don’t know where to start, we’re here to give you a helping hand. It’s not that complicated.
You could always bet with your blowhard brother-in-law, but he probably wouldn’t pay up anyway – and besides, what’s the fun in that? Much better to dip your toes into the world of legal sports betting, where the payoff on a win is immediate and guaranteed – even if the house gives your winnings a little haircut (usually 10 percent) in what’s known as the vig. With all that in mind, let talk about politics and betting.
US Election Odds.
Odds via Bet365 International Property (Updated Nov 3rd at 2:05 PM EST)
Right now, the polls show Joe Biden with a rather significant national lead, but if you know anything about U.S. presidential elections you know that that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. After all, Hillary Clinton got nearly three million more votes than Trump four years ago, but Trump still wound up with a hefty 304-227 edge when the state electoral votes were tabulated.
We mentioned that the election is more state-by-state guerrilla warfare than a national battle, and there are 50 options for you if you want to wager on your candidate winning a particular state. Again, though, be aware that the payoff is higher when you bet on the underdog. Also, this isn’t the NFL. The candidate leading the polls doesn’t always win. Just ask Gerald Ford.
Trump has a stronghold in states like Alabama and Mississippi, the places that have welcomed him with open arms when he’s show face at NCAA College Football games. However, the more populated states are heavily left-leaning for Biden. Atleast according to the oddsmakers.
Election Odds by State.
As Al Gore (2000) and Hillary Clinton (2016) are aware, in the United States you can somehow get more votes than your opponent and still lose. It’s a quirk that goes back to the late 1700s and the framing of the Constitution and small states wanting to not get overlooked, and it persists to this day.
So if you want to wager on which candidate or party simply gets the most votes (and not necessarily which one wins), there’s that option. Checking Bet365, you’ll note that the Democrats are a significant favorite to win the popular vote.
Odds to Win Popular Vote.
Oddsmakers are no doubt very aware of the fact that in the last seven presidential elections, the Democratic Party candidate has received the most votes six times (2004, George Bush over John Kerry, being the only exception).
There you go. You just need to find a place to take your wager, fund your account, and pick a winner. If you like to hedge your bets, maybe you can take the sting out by betting on the person you don’t want to win the election. If your guy losses, at least you’ll have a ticket to cash. Remember, the money you win is always better than the money you earn.

Betting on the Next Presidential Election.
If you're a sports fan, and you follow the betting odds, you've no doubt been amazed at how close the final score is to the point spread put up by the odds-makers. Of course there are exceptions (including a couple of last weekend's NFL playoff games) but on balance the ability of the odds-makers to pick not only the winners but by the correct margins is uncanny! So, enjoy the following predictions from Ireland's biggest and most successful bookmaker, Paddy Power.
Democratic Presidential Nominee.
Applies to the candidate chosen at the Democratic National Convention in